11 Spion Kop

Hole #11
Spion Kop Par 3 173 Yards

Spion Kop

As challenging as that battle may have been, so too is the 11th hole. The key to the tee shot is to avoid the two back left bunkers. The left bunkers create a challenging spatial relationship with the pin placements on the left side of the green. The putting surface is not visable from the teeing ground and the green slopes from front left to back right, away from the player’s tee shot. This uphill par 3 provides excellent contrast to the other par 3s at Flossmoor Country Club and is one of the great par threes in the Chicagoland area.


Black: 187 | Blue: 173 | White: 163 | Red: 143


This is the greatest elevation change of any par 3 on the course. This hole raises some 30 feet from the tee, requiring a wells truck shot to an elevated green.


These are some of the largest and deepest bunkers on the property. All six are in play and ready to catch any errant shots.


This green is hidden from the tee box. A false front will repel any shots short of the green. The green slopes from front left to back right, making it a challenge to hold the green. Play for the front and a release back to the pin position.

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