14 Glen

Hole #14
Glen Par 4 334 Yards


A double fairway around a majestic 60-foot tall white oak offers multiple playing options depending on the teeing area chosen. From the back three tees, the player now has three routes. A fade or draw can be played around the oak or, alternatively, longer hitters can go over the stand of trees on the right. A new bunker on the left defines the fairway. The green complex is one of the most difficult on the course, sloping dramatically from back-to-front, and a premium is placed on stopping the player’s ball below the hole to avoid the strong possibility of a three putt.


Black: 366 | Blue: 334 | White: 328 | Red: 282


Like hole #4, this short par 4 offers many playing options, highlighted by your decision of playing around or rover the 60 foot oak tree in the middle of the fairway. Multiple tees offer many playing angles into this rolling fairway.


Three fairway bunkers and four green side bunkers guard this short hole. The green side bunkers are deep and challenging when playing shots to this undulating green.


Probably the most challenging green at FGC, it slopes greatly from back to front with a ridge that runs from front to back bisecting the green. It is important to stay below the hole with your approach.

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