17 Haugh

Hole #17
Haugh Par 4 461 Yards


The key to this hole is a long drive down the left side of the fairway. Long hitting players will attempt to play their second shot into a table top green with a long iron or fairway wood. Another option is to lay up short of the hill and then utilize the bent grass approach as a “bump and run” avenue into the green. George O’Neil, an accomplished amateur, honored this hole in September 1918 as one of Chicagoland’s most challenging golf holes. There are not many holes in the area that will rival this hole’s appeal and difficulty.


Black: 473 | Blue: 461 | White: 418 | Red: 384

Long Fairway

One of the hardest par 4s in the the Chicagoland area. Straight forward and requires two well struck shots. The fairway is wide with a creek that is out of play for most players. The second shot is demanding and rewards only the best shots. Laying up for a better chance at par is a prudent effort.


There is only one bunker here to worry about, and that is located short right of the green. Comes in handy to gather short shots from heading down the steep slope of the hill short of the green.


Sloping right to left, this green is one of the more level greens on the course, but still a challenge. a fairway area in front of the green is a popular area to play from to access the multiple pin positions.

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