8 Lane

Hole #8
Lane Par 4 417 Yards


One of four tees can be chosen in order to increase the overall length of this hole and to provide a variety of playing options for tournament play. There are several ways to approach this green beginning with a fade from the left hand side of the green allowing the shot to feed down left to right from the slight left to right slope of the green. When the pin is placed behind the pond, a lofted medium to long iron will be necessary to have a shot at par or birdie and will challenge golfers of alll handicap levels.


Black: 461 | Blue: 417 | White: 392 | Red: 330


A hard dog left right, this fairway offers plenty of room to drive the ball, even if it doesn't feel like it from the tee boxes. Favoring the left side of the fairway will give you the best angle into this green.

Bunkers & Water Hazard

Three large bunkers frame the fairway, with the right bunker being your aiming point from the tee. A large bunker sits short left of the green. Avoiding all of these is important. Use the hill complex left of the green as a way to bump and run the ball into this green and to avoid the water that lurks to the right.


This green slopes subtly from left to right. The larger front portion of this green invites you to play a shot that enters from the left and feeds to the other areas of the green, especially when the pin is back right.

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